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Positive Dog Training Philosophy

The primary goal of K9s Only is to produce a companion animal that bonds with and respects its guardian and has the ability and desire to please. It is important to K9s Only, that through working with your family, you will be able to better understand canine behavior and how to effectively communicate with your dog. This is achieved by recognizing that your dog is a living creature with a brain and has the ability to make his own choices. Our trainers influence the dog’s behavior in a natural way, allowing him to make right and wrong choices. It is only through making a wrong decision that your dog can learn and better understand what the expected behavior is.

Our first job is to educate your dog. Once your dog understands what a command means and makes a correct choice, he receives love and praise. When he makes a wrong choice, he is guided to do what is expected of him. Our trainers work with both verbal commands and hand signals so that your dog can make a decision without relying on the leash to guide him. The leash is your backup tool… gently reminding your dog when he fails to make the right decision. It is through positive experiences, given when your dog does as asked, that he learns about good behavior. Although we are not opposed to giving a treat for reward, we do not feel a dog should be bribed to listen to you. Like any relationship in your life, respect is important. Your dog must not only love you, but respect you as well. Remember, he is a pack animal and needs to learn to follow the rules of the leader (you), or he may try to become the leader of the household himself.

We do not believe in working aggressively with an animal. We believe in discipline, just as you would discipline your child in order to prepare that child to become a caring and respectful adult. You would not hit your child to make your point, nor should you strike your dog. However, you will expect your child to live by certain rules and the same goes for your dog. Remember, obedience is a tool that can be used to solve any problem, and often times it is something that could save your dog’s life.


Our evaluations are designed to evaluate your dog’s personality as well as his relationship with you. It is an opportunity for you to get to know the trainers at K9s Only, our philosophy, methods and techniques, and it give our trainers the opportunity to understand your needs and goals for training. Our trainers will recommend a training program based on your individual needs and the needs of your dog. This consultation is vital as we begin to build not only a relationship with your dog, but a relationship with you. You will leave the evaluation with an understanding of our love and dedication to dogs and several options for completing your dog’s training.


K9s Only offers the following programs for you and your companion: In Kennel Training, Private Lessons, Group Classes and Therapy Dog Training. Develop a strong foundation for confidence, communication, patience and respect to guarantee a healthy relationship with your companion for the rest of their life.

K9s Only offers:

    • Puppy Raising
    • Behavior modification
    • Basic Obedience
    • Advance Obedience
    • Socialization
    • Positive Reinforcement
    • Relationship-Based
    • Infant/Canine Introduction
    • Therapy Dog

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