Meet the Team

Our team of highly-trained animal care professional are equipped to care for and train your dog like no one else!

  • Bobby Dorafshar

    Bobby Dorafshar

    Trainer Behaviorist
  • Kelly Dorafshar

    Kelly Dorafshar

    Operations Manager
  • Abdi Bazleh

    Abdi Bazleh

    General Manager


  • Brent LaBrada

    Brent LaBrada

    Trainer - West
  • Max Birnbaum

    Max Birnbaum

    Trainer - Tarzana
  • Daniela Tovar

    Daniela Tovar

    Trainer - West
  • Anja Langner

    Anja Langner

    Kennel Manager - Tarzana


  • Sung Baum

    Sung Baum

    Head Stylist - Tarzana
  • Janet Lee

    Janet Lee

    Head Stylist - West