K9S ONLY has been the leading dog training authority in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years. We pride our self on our commitment to education, teaching, and staying up to date on on the most up to date research on behavior and training methods. Our commitment to learning gives us the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the results they and their 4 legged companions deserve. K9S ONLY has pioneered many firsts in the city of Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley, including the 5 Star Hotel for dogs, and the Mobile Pet Adoption for LA Animal Services. Over the years we has designed many educational programs for clients and local rescue organizations in order to help rescued animals stay in homes.

“K9S ONLY owes its long term professional success to our loyal clients and patrons in the community. As a token of our appreciation we have designed the NEIGHBORS ONLY program to give back to those same communities.”

–Bobby Dorafshar ,CEO/Founder —