K9s Only Tarzana: We Can Meet All Your Dog Training Needs

At K9s Only Tarzana our experienced dog training staff members combine years of experience with positive reinforcement techniques to ensure your relationship with your dog is a healthy and happy one.

Dog Training Tarzana

We understand that every dog has a unique character that must be considered during training. This is why our dog training Tarzana facility was designed to cater to the needs of every animal. Our trainers start the course by studying the animal and understanding its unique needs.

Every dog trainer who works with us is dedicated to developing the most efficient training program for every canine. We also work in close collaboration with the owners of the animals in order to teach people and their dogs to understand each other better so that their future coexistence is both happy and safe.

Dog Boarding Tarzana

The K9s Only Dog Boarding Tarzana facility is designed to meet all the needs of your canine friends. Our qualified employees keep a close eye on the animals staying at our dog hotel at all times.

We have full control of the environment (light, temperature, humidity, etc.) and can ensure your pet’s comfort. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can feel comfortable while staying at our dogboarding facility in Tarzana.

To ensure that your pet doesn’t get bored and depressed without you, we organize small playgroups for the animals residing at the facility. All dogs are safe during the times when they interact with each other and they are watched by our experienced Tarzana dog trainers to prevent any accidents.

Dogs that don’t get along well with others get some private time out. They are walked by professional trainers and receive the same level of freedom and comfort as all the other animals staying at the facility.

At K9s Only Tarzana we place the safety of our canine residents above all else. Therefore, we have the highest cleaning standards for all our facilities and all the staff working directly with the animals undergo special training.

Dog Grooming Tarzana

Our dog groomers are experienced professionals and know how to cater to your pet’s needs in the most efficient manner. K9s Only Dog Grooming Tarzana facility offers a wide range of services for dogs of any breed. To make the experience less stressful for the animal, dogs are given short breaks between and, if necessary, during the procedures.

We aim to be thorough in grooming your precious pet and use only the highest quality products and tools to provide the level of service our clients deserve.

Dog Daycare Tarzana

If it’s Dog Daycare in Tarzana that you are looking for, we are glad to provide you with a quick and efficient solution to all your problems. K9s Only Dog Daycare Tarzana facility offers:

  • A large outdoor playground with obstacles and ramps to ensure your pet has a great time playing there.
  • An indoor facility of similar construction to cater to the needs of our canine visitors when weather or other circumstances prevents them from playing outdoors.
  • Services of qualified dog trainers who will watch over your pet every minute of its stay to ensure it remains healthy and happy.

Dog Wellness Center Tarzana

Our specialized Dog Wellness Center Tarzana facility offers a wide range of treatments and fitness procedures that will help the dogs who need to recuperate from surgery or illness. At K9s Only we use a combination of traditional and alternative medicine to treat every canine patient at our K9s Only Dog Wellness Center Tarzana facility. There are also supportive treatments and relaxing procedures available for the dogs whose owners want to ensure their companions stay healthy and well for many years.

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