Finding the Right Dog Trainers in Encino

K9s Only is your all inclusive destination for Encino Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, and Dog Grooming Services. When your principal concern about your dog is to train him well, socialize him the right way, the first challenge you will come across is choosing the right dog training facility in Encino. Dogs used to be trained and maintained only to fulfill certain purposes, but as time went on dog owners started understanding the importance of dog training in creating a true bond and connection with their owners.

K9s Only Encino bring you an assortment of dog training services in Encino which aim at changing your dog’s faulty demeanor, making your dog conscious of its activities and also making him follow your words out of love and pleasure instead of alarm and fear. We are here to serve as your ultimate Encino Dog Training facility to train, groom, and board your beloved canine! Vist us and take a tour, or check out the K9s Only Virtual Tour.

Significance of Canine Instruction

K9 Only Encino has have been serving our clients for more than 20 years in a variety of services including Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming, and Dog Daycare. We diligently concentrate on solving varying behavioral issues your canine might have and improving their innate manners and activities. Our Encino dog training program is meant to enhance the bonding experience between you and your faithful canine so that both of you can share an enjoyable and healthy relationship. We also offer special services for dogs which are undergoing severe behavioral issues such as aggression, separation anxiety and more.

Dog Training Encino

Get the Best Out of Your Puppy

When you bring home a puppy downy and soft, and mildly barking, you find it learning things at a very fast pace. During our puppy training sessions, we give attention to some particular aspects of their behavior while training them with utmost love and care. It is our firm belief that they are not much different than human babies. Our experienced group of puppy trainers are full of human kindness and possess immeasurable patience. During this stage it is mandatory for your puppies to receive positive inputs; otherwise they may start developing negative traits in their character, which might result in long-term harm to your dog. It is compulsory for your puppy to learn some basic traits such as teething and biting, barking, urine and potty training. At K9s Only Encino we capitalize on your puppy’s early stages of having a flexible mind, and prepare them for their adult life and adult dog training.

Importance of Dog Training Methodically

Behaviorist and expert dog trainer Bobby Dorafshar and his well-informed team of Dog Training experts and specialists take pride in their innovative canine training techniques and strategies. No matter what breed your dog is, or what kind of characteristic traits they are exhibiting, we have full confidence in knowing we can train them to be the best companion for you and your family. Our set of experienced dog trainers can mend each flaw in their deeds and actions. Our target is to bring out the companion in your dog that you are seeking and improve the rapport between you two. Our trainers do not manipulate dogs rather make the dogs conscious of their behavior so that they could be able to discriminate between what is legitimate and what is not. This results in the dog knowing how to react and respond in given situations. Punishment, instead of mending flaws, can actually worsen your dog’s behavior.

Dog Training Encino
Photo: Brent LaBrada

Using experienced dog training strategies, we at K9s Only Encino work to teach your dog to make the right choices. This process consists of educating your dog in the right way, to build respect and trust.

Our Encino dog training program is quite systematic and methodical and we are never swayed by emotion, anger or annoyance. Although we offer praise as a reward for your dog making the right choices, we strongly disagree with “bribing” your dog or puppy. Bribing never encourages a dog to cultivate proper code of conduct. Listening and following a leader is embedded in their instinct, hence if you can maneuver that part, three-fourths of the game is won. Our aim is to generate discipline so that your pet becomes extremely respectful towards you and your commands. He will obey you not out of fear, but out of genial pleasure, and this obedience will reinforce your bond with him.

We provide three training methods for our Encino clients to choose from: “Take-over Training”, “Private Lessons” and “Group Classes”. All these methods comprise of unique techniques and strategies. During the evaluation session you will get to know more about each from our experienced Dog Trainers, and about the intelligently developed training programs that we have for your canine friend. If you have a new puppy in the family, the Encino Puppy 101 class will get you and your family on the right path to building a strong foundation and get your puppy ready for basic obedience training at K9s Only.

The Finest Dog Daycare and Boarding Location Near Encino

Often dog-owners are presented with an issue as to where they should keep their dogs during vacation, business trips or while fulfilling a huge household chore. We offer the best dog boarding facility adjacent to  Encino to give our clients a peace of mind in any event. Our state-of-the-art facilities will offer you varying amenities like a Dog Daycare yard, Bark-a-Lounge, a private yard, small yard luxury suites and standard suites. Our activities include Walks, all day play passes, snuggle time, personal play time and more.

Dog Daycare Encino

We will treat your dog as if they were our own. Our commitment is to return your loving canine as peaceful and happy as when you left them with us. We offer Encino Dog Daycare accommodations for a maximum of 25 dogs at a time and Encino Dog Boarding rooms for up to 50 dogs.

Comprehensive Dog Grooming From the Experts

It’s time for a bath! From expert breed cuts to marvelous mutt masterpieces, let the K9s Only grooming experts Sung near our Encio and Janet in our West Los Angeles location ensure only the best Dog Grooming experience for your dog. Right after undergoing our dog grooming session your dog will be relaxed, fresh and clean, ready to be taken anywhere. We have a list of grooming services which help keep your dog neat and clean, maintain their fur and their natural shine and avoid possible chances of bacterial infection. Our innovative bath and blow dry service includes application of organic shampoos and conditioners, external anal gland expression, nail trimming, massage with deep conditioners, ear cleaning and hand drying, amongst others.

We do not spare any effort in grooming your dog ensuring your complete satisfaction and return for dog grooming sessions to our Encino location. Services such as Pawdicure (Nails Only), Furminator/De-Shedding Treatment, Paw and Face Trim only, Teeth Brushing, are also offered. With little investment, your dog will not only look but also feel completely revamped. Visit our K9s Only Location adjacent to Encino to get details regarding our price list along with the many grooming services we offer.

Your all inclusive destination for Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, and Dog Grooming Services Near Encino.

Dog Training Encino and Dog Boarding Encino

Please call our Encino Dog Training facility at 818-344-9663 and for more information on all of the services we offer, or visit our website at K9s Only Encino.