Whatever Your Canine Needs!

At K9s Only, we want to be your dog’s home away from home, and we realize the best way to do that is to provide your dog a place where they will feel safe and loved, just like at home in Brentwood, CA. We also know convenience is important for you as well. When Bobby Dorafshar built the West Los Angeles and Tarzana K9’s Only locations, he made sure our #1 priorities were providing loving care for your dog and to meet your dog’s every desire.

Something Fur Everyone

We have everything you want for your dog. If you want to teach your old dog some new tricks, our Brentwood, CA, trainers offer dog training. If you have a young new addition to the family, we also offer puppy training. Heading out of town? We offer dog boarding. Just drop them off and they will enjoy their vacation while you enjoy yours. However, if you just want your dog to be active and have fun all day while you are stuck in the office, you can drop them off at our dog daycare so when they come home they are happy and exhausted.

We know how much you love your dog and want to provide you with a home away from home where you can take your dog and feel confident he is being taken care of. Come take advantage of all we have to offer and make your and your dog’s lives a little more fun and stress free.