Treat Your Dog Like One of the Family

If you treat your dog like he’s part of the family then you need to work with a dedicated team of dog lovers who feel the same way. At K9s Only, we take great pride in taking excellent care of your dog. At our Beverly Hills facility, we offer dog training, dog grooming, dog daycare and dog massage therapy so you can help your dog learn how to behave properly, keep him looking his best and make sure he is as healthy and relaxed as possible. Our goal is to help you pamper your pet and give him the great life he deserves.

Take Care of Your Dog While You Can’t

We understand you can’t always take your dog with you, even if you want to. When you need to travel away from Beverly Hills and can’t take your canine with you, our dog boarding services can step in and take care of him for you. We will give him the personalized attention he deserves when you aren’t able to. In addition to keeping dogs overnight for longer periods of time, we also run a dog daycare so your dog can play with his friends while you are at work.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Our Dog wellness center in Beverly Hills is designed to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible. Our wellness center offers aquatic fitness, strength building, weight loss solutions and massage. If you have a rambunctious puppy, you’ll want  teach your dog how to behave well and play nice with others. Our puppy training and group classes and private puppy raising courses are the ideal option. We can improve any dog’s behavior and help him act the way a proud parent expects.