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TRAINING AND WELLNESS: The owner or agent of dog may have the animal withdrawn from training or wellness treatment at any time. However, once program(s) has begun, all fees and/or wellness packages are non-refundable. Owner or agent of dog may postpone any of the private lessons, provided 24-hour notice is given. K9s Only is only obligated to give two free make-up lessons due to owner or agent postponement. After second postponement, each additional postponement will count as one of the remaining lessons owed to owner. Additional make-up lessons can be purchased at the current prevailing rate. Rain, holidays, or trainer illness will not be counted as owner or agent postponement. K9s Only will, in these cases, provide free make-up sessions for as many times as these types of postponements occur. BOARDING: Boarding pets may Check IN after 12pm Monday through Saturday. Check OUT time is by 12pm on the last day of your pet’s stay. If the pet is picked up later than 12pm, a $20 daycare fee will apply. No pet will be released until all charges are paid in full or other arrangements satisfactory to K9s Only have been made. RESCHEDULING - The customer agrees to notify us in advance if there is any change in the pet’s drop off or pick up date. If the pet is dropped off later than the arranged date, or picked up early without prior arrangements made, the customer will be charged the total of the original reservation. Prior arrangements must also be made if any person other than the owner is going to pick up the pet, otherwise the pet will not be released. A minimum 48 hour cancellation notice must be given during non-holiday times. A minimum 5 day cancellation notice must be given during holidays. In the event of a cancellation without proper notice, client is responsible for 50% of the original boarding fee. Owners are subject to a $100 per day fee for dogs left past pick up date without notification during holidays. The owner of this pet or his agent agrees to pay reasonable legal fees and costs incurred by the kennel in the collection of outstanding bills. Owner is responsible for damage done to K9s Only property by owner’s dog. This agreement represents the full and only agreement of the parties. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above contract terms. LIABILITY: I hereby agree, as the legal owner of the aforementioned dog(s), have carefully read and understand this agreement and do hereby waive and release K9s Only and the PRACTITONER/TRAINER from any and all liability of any nature. This includes, but is not limited to, any injury, death, sickness or damage my dog(s) may suffer during or after any training/treatment program. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless K9s Only and the PRACTITONER/TRAINER from any and all claims due to any damage the dog(s) may cause to any family member or any third parties during or after treatment. I understand that the K9s Only PRACTITONER/TRAINER is not a licensed veterinarian. I hereby waive all rights to any cause of action against K9s Only PRACTITIONER/TRAINER, or his/her assigns or beneficiaries, stemming from this treatment/training. This waiver also binds my agents, assigns and beneficiaries.

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