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Introducing Your New Dog To Your Current Dog

two people with dogs in front of house

Here are some quick and easy steps to follow when introducing your pups to one another.

First and foremost, our trainers suggest putting your current dog in the crate while allowing the other dog walk around.This will ensure the safety of both your trusty companion and their new play partner. *Keep in mind that dogs tend to be more reactive on leash, so it’s best to allow them to meet with a barrier between them.*

After your new pup has had some time to scope out their new home and they’ve sniffed through that crate, it’s time for the both of them to meet. We recommend their first introduction while walking on leash and while doing so, allow the both of them to sniff each other. You can praise and reward both dogs with treats* if they approach each other appropriately (i.e. ears pulled to the side, no harsh stares, etc.). If there are no signs of aggression, allow them to play while they’re still on leash. (*If either dog has any signs of food aggression, just prise verbally)

Lastly, observe their behavior towards each other for a few minutes to make sure their behavior is relaxed. If the dogs continue to be relaxed, they are ready for off leash play. If you notice any stiffening, direct eye contact or raised hackles (hair on the back of the neck stand up), it’s best to distract the dogs and place in the crate. Try the introduction again later, or call our trainers for help.

It’s important that the introduction is done correctly, to ensure that the relationship starts off on the right paw and they can have a happy life long friendship! Questions? Concerns? Call our trainers today, they’d be happy to help!

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