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Dog Moms are Moms, TOO!

Woman with Dog on Bench

The one day a year we splurge on making or getting the greatest gift for our mother’s to show just how much we appreciate them. Mothers all around deserve all of the love and respect we could possibly give for caring, nurturing, and bringing us into this world. Mom’s, we love you, without you, we wouldn’t be here.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with dogs. Well, I am here to tell you that dog moms are moms too. We not only support and raise our pups but we are there for them night and day. When one of them has an upset stomach we are the first to research remedies or call the vet with the most worried voice, just to find out it’s gas. We take our pets to daycare with hopes they will make the right choices and come back with a new pack of friends. Your dog broke your favorite vase? Don’t worry – a dog mom is there to scold or punish only to have puppy eyes stared back at us and turn our anger into love. Dog mom’s deserve to be celebrated just a little because, while our furry best friends may not be actual humans, we treat them as such. These dogs are our kids, we find joy and meaning in getting to raise and be with them every day. To us, dogs are everything. They make us want to be better people and have taught us so much. As a dog mom, I know I would do anything for my baby and through it all, even when she eats all my shoes and destroys my favorite dresses, I still love her.

So here at K9s Only, we would like to say a special Happy Mother’s Day to all of you dog moms out there. We see how much you love your companions and we feel you deserve some recognition this month. So Happy Dog Mom’s Day from all of us at K9s Only and we are sure your babies would be saying the same thing!

By: Hailey Sniderman