K9s Only Dog Wellness Center and Day Spa sets the worldwide standard for canine care. The unique Wellness spa offers a holistic approach to dog wellness with treatments and facilities that provide the ideal combination of ancient Asian healing philosophies and modern Western techniques. This five-star spa offers pure holistic rejuvenation and relaxation for your companion.

Wellness Services are ONLY available at our Tarzana location!

Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic Fitness

aquatic_fixedOur Wellness Center features a salt water lap pool set at a cozy 92 degrees. Postoperative dogs can come rest their sore muscles and, when appropriate, work on muscle toning. Light dog massage and range of motion exercises ease tired hips, knees, and elbows.

Aquatic exercise offers many benefits to our dogs, whether they are service pets, sporting pets, competition pets, or good old couch potato pets.

The salt water pool at K9s Only will keep your dog in great shape. The warm salt water allows the pet’s muscles to relax and stretch. For our energetic and agility dogs, we have the benefit of adding resistance against the jets.

Your pet with arthritic joints will have the ability to walk, stand, and move easier after a session of swimming and aquatic massage. Aquatic exercises allow minimal weight-bearing while exercising, which is easier on their joints and helps build up muscle and endurance.

Over-weight pets benefit by being able to workout longer during exercises with less stress on their joints. This exercise along with a well-balanced diet from your veterinarian will help pounds fade and good muscle tone appear.

Pets who need to be conditioned and maintain their weight in order to compete in their area of competition find aquatic exercise is a safer and faster way to build their stamina and muscle mass.


swimOur veterinarian may recommend aquatic exercise as part of your pet’s rehabilitation following some injuries or surgery. The benefits, again, are many: muscle mass build, circulation, and body movement.

Any dog that is suffering from the conditions listed below will benefit from a controlled swimming activity such as Aquatic Fitness. It will help to strengthen muscles without risking further injury.

For post-operative clients, Aquatic Fitness removes the weight loading on the injured limb and will enable the gradual rebuild of wasted muscle. It reduces the pain and can accelerate recovery after surgery.

Even aging dogs can benefit from controlled swimming as the soothing effect of the warm water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility in sore, stiff, and arthritic joints.

Balance Ball – Improve your dogs balance while strengthening there back and core muscles with simple exercises on peanut roll or balance discs.

Cavalettis – Great conditioning exercise for dogs of all ages, cavalettis will improve your dog’s coordination and awareness of what their hind end is doing.

Aquatic Fitness is proven to be beneficial for numerous conditions:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Spinal injuries and paralysis
  • Cruciate ligament problems
  • Postoperative muscle regeneration and maintenance
  • Sprains and breaks
  • Relief of pain, swelling, arthritis, and stiffness
  • Obesity and weight management
  • Improvement of circulation and joint mobility
  • Great for general fitness and for when normal exercise is restricted. Good conditioning for agility, racing, and working dogs and SWIMMING JUST FOR FUN!

If you are interested in signing up for K9 Aquatic Fitness, please contact Yvonne Garst at 818-344-9663 or email [email protected]. Vet approval is required for postoperative dogs or dogs under a vet’s supervision.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Pics_4 The benefits of massage therapy are not only good for humans! Canine massage therapy will:

Improve circulation
Reduce muscle knots and spasms
Reduce anxiety and stress
Improve relaxation and sleep
Reduce pain

Canine massage therapy is essential to the success of your dog’s recovery process. Massage therapy, in addition to the other forms of therapy your dog is receiving, expedites recovery. For example, if the patient needs improved range of motion in a joint through passive range-of-motion exercises, the relaxation, reduction in pain, and reduction in anxiety that massage therapy offers will enhance the effect of the exercises. For this reason, massage therapy for dogs is usually used in conjunction with other therapies we perform in the Wellness Center. To further improve the benefits of the massage therapy for those patients receiving dog water therapy, the massage is performed in our therapy pool, aided by the warm water and massage jets. Massage is also the perfect solution to dogs that exhibit social anxiety or stress while being separated from guardians or home.


Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Swim (1)Swim Lessons are for young, healthy dogs with no health conditions. For first-time swimmers, Yvonne will teach you how to build your dog’s confidence in and around the water with her step by step instructions. Each lesson is designed to meet your dog’s needs depending on your dog’s body language and response to the water.

Swim Pass

Does your dog love to swim? During his stay here, schedule a swim pass and let him enjoy a nice dip in our lap pool! Swimming for 15-20 minutes is equivalent to a 3-mile hike and is a great cardiovascular exercise for overweight dogs, dogs with nervous energy, or those suffering from separation anxiety. An initial swim assessment is necessary for first-time swimmers and new clients.

Is your dog a strong swimmer and can swim by himself? During your dog’s stay at K9s Only, schedule a swim pass and let him enjoy a nice dip in our salt water lap pool. Swim Passes are 20 minute-long supervised sessions that will keep your dog in shape. Swimming for 15-20 minutes is equivalent to a 3-mile hike and is a great cardiovascular exercise for overweight dogs, dogs with nervous energy, or those suffering from separation anxiety. An initial swim assessment is necessary for first time swimmers and new clients.

Initial Swim Assessment

If your dog has never been swimming, Yvonne, our K9s Only Wellness Director, will introduce your dog to the water in a gentle and positive manner. Dogs enter the pool on a long, angled step similar to a beach entrance. Yvonne enters the pool with your dog to coax and support your dog into the water. Life vests are available if needed. For more information, email Yvonne Garst.

Swim Lesson

It’s a common misconception that all dogs know how to swim. If you have a pool, it is vital that you not only teach your dog how to swim, but teach him how to enter and exit your pool safely. Swim Lessons are for young, healthy dogs with no health conditions. For first-time swimmers, Yvonne will teach you how to build your dog’s confidence in and around the water with her step by step instructions on how to enter and exit your pool. Each lesson is designed to meet your dog’s needs depending on your dog’s body language and response to the water. Yvonne’s goal is to provide a positive experience, to encourage your dog to enjoy the water, and for your dog to benefit physically and mentally from this no weight-bearing form of exercise.

Pool and Wellness Guidelines
Please help us keep our pool clean and the water at a high quality for all clients.
It is very important to make sure your dog is clean; brush out all loose hair before each session.
No oil conditioners in the pool; please rinse your dog before bringing them in.
You are responsible for getting here early and taking your dog out to urinate and defecate before you come in.
If you need help to get your dog to go to the bathroom, please let me know so I can help teach you how to express your dog.
A cleaning fee will be charged if your dog goes to the bathroom in the pool and it needs to be drained.
We have a 24hr cancellation policy; please email [email protected] if you need to cancel your appointment.

Meet Our Wellness Director

yvonne_headYvonne joined the K9s Only team in 2008 as our massage and aquatic fitness specialist. She has worked for many years in human massage therapy and personal training, and expanded her practice to working on animals.

Yvonne completed her massage therapy training at Equinology’s intense foundation course, where she also completed their advanced level of training. Yvonne is also certified by Pet Massage as a Canine Massage Therapist. Yvonne’s passion stems from her first Bernese Mountain dog, Morgan, whose life was transformed due to K9 Aquatics. Yvonne continues to take classes to keep abreast of new practices and methods. She has over 5000 hours in the pool and is dedicated to helping people with their pets.

Yvonne shares her life with her husband, Bryan, a retired horse Jabar, and their two Bernese Mountain dogs, Captain and Barbie, who she competes with in AKC Competitive Obedience, Rally, Agility, Drafting, and Nose work.

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TRAINING AND WELLNESS: The owner or agent of dog may have the animal withdrawn from training or wellness treatment at any time. However, once program(s) has begun, all fees and/or wellness packages are non-refundable. Owner or agent of dog may postpone any of the private lessons, provided 24-hour notice is given. K9s Only is only obligated to give two free make-up lessons due to owner or agent postponement. After second postponement, each additional postponement will count as one of the remaining lessons owed to owner. Additional make-up lessons can be purchased at the current prevailing rate. Rain, holidays, or trainer illness will not be counted as owner or agent postponement. K9s Only will, in these cases, provide free make-up sessions for as many times as these types of postponements occur. BOARDING: Boarding pets may Check IN after 12pm Monday through Saturday. Check OUT time is by 12pm on the last day of your pet’s stay. If the pet is picked up later than 12pm, a $20 daycare fee will apply. No pet will be released until all charges are paid in full or other arrangements satisfactory to K9s Only have been made. RESCHEDULING - The customer agrees to notify us in advance if there is any change in the pet’s drop off or pick up date. If the pet is dropped off later than the arranged date, or picked up early without prior arrangements made, the customer will be charged the total of the original reservation. Prior arrangements must also be made if any person other than the owner is going to pick up the pet, otherwise the pet will not be released. A minimum 48 hour cancellation notice must be given during non-holiday times. A minimum 5 day cancellation notice must be given during holidays. In the event of a cancellation without proper notice, client is responsible for 50% of the original boarding fee. Owners are subject to a $100 per day fee for dogs left past pick up date without notification during holidays. The owner of this pet or his agent agrees to pay reasonable legal fees and costs incurred by the kennel in the collection of outstanding bills. Owner is responsible for damage done to K9s Only property by owner’s dog. This agreement represents the full and only agreement of the parties. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above contract terms. LIABILITY: I hereby agree, as the legal owner of the aforementioned dog(s), have carefully read and understand this agreement and do hereby waive and release K9s Only and the PRACTITONER/TRAINER from any and all liability of any nature. This includes, but is not limited to, any injury, death, sickness or damage my dog(s) may suffer during or after any training/treatment program. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless K9s Only and the PRACTITONER/TRAINER from any and all claims due to any damage the dog(s) may cause to any family member or any third parties during or after treatment. I understand that the K9s Only PRACTITONER/TRAINER is not a licensed veterinarian. I hereby waive all rights to any cause of action against K9s Only PRACTITIONER/TRAINER, or his/her assigns or beneficiaries, stemming from this treatment/training. This waiver also binds my agents, assigns and beneficiaries.

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